Dallas Springtime Gardening Tips 2023

Spring cleaning, okra, vertical gardens, and more. For this article, we had a conversation with Theresa, a homeowner in Dallas with a beautiful garden. High Quality Landscape Services has done regular maintenance on her property for years – though she’s a lady with a serious green thumb. She likes to do a lot of the […]

Dallas Landscape Services | High Quality Landscape Services

Landscaping Company Dallas High Quality Landscape Services is a landscaping services provider in Texas includes Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow & surrounding neighborhoods. We provide routine maintenance, lawn care, plant installations, lawn fertilization, design services, and expertise for both big and small projects in Dallas TX. We are family owned business. Our newest landscape […]

Tree Service | Trimming. Pruning. Removal.

Answering the top 15 questions about tree trimming services in Dallas TX. 1. What is tree trimming? Trimming is the technique of clipping and cutting branches strategically for three main purposes: Trimming can also reduce the crowding of plants that have been planted too closely together. 2. Do landscapers trim trees? Many landscapers do offer […]

Dallas Leaf Cleanup Service

Primetime for fall colors is coming up. Beginning in mid-October, we started to see yellow, orange and red shades of autumn leaves. And we’ll also start to see more leaves and branches on the ground coming into the winter months. Leaf piles can be fun for kids to play in. They can also be inconvenient […]

5 Low Maintenance Fall Landscaping Ideas for Dallas and North Texas (With Pictures)

In this article, we will present some of our best landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the fall in Dallas and North Texas. Our ideas consider practicality and effortless elegance. We’re here to ensure both the present enjoyment and future success of your yard. High Quality Landscape Services The North Texas region has mainly mild to […]

Artificial Turf: Pet Turf, Playgrounds, Costs and Maintenance

In this article, we’ll cover: • Artificial grass installation cost• Factors that affect cost• Breakdown of material and labor costs• Fourteen FAQs about pet turf maintenance, kid and playground turf, turf quality and investment value. Cost of Artificial Turf vs. Sod Artificial lawns are more cost-effective in their design than natural ones. While sod may […]

Dallas Sprinkler Repair Guide

Lawn Sprinklers

A human with a hose can’t water like a good sprinkler system. Watering an entire yard yourself won’t distribute water in the same uniform way as a properly-installed sprinkler system. Having Irrigation System Issues? Sometimes, we encounter problems with our irrigation systems, whether it’s technical issues or user error. Some common problems include improper sprinkler […]

Dallas Sod Guide

In this article, you’ll find new info on all you need to know about sod grass installation in North Texas. We want to make your sod installation experience smooth and simple. We’ll provide rapid-fire, simple answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sod and sod installation in North Texas. We’ll give a […]

February Landscaping Guide – Dallas and North Texas

While it may at times be cold outside, spring is just around the corner.  The “average” last freeze in the Dallas-Fort Worth region is March 12, but it is not unusual to see the last freeze as early as mid-February or as late as early April. Early February remains as an excellent time for planting […]

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