5 Low Maintenance Fall Landscaping Ideas for Dallas and North Texas (With Pictures)

In this article, we will present some of our best landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the fall in Dallas and North Texas. Our ideas consider practicality and effortless elegance.

We’re here to ensure both the present enjoyment and future success of your yard.

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The North Texas region has mainly mild to cool winters and hot and arid summers. It may be difficult to imagine what to feature in your landscape to satisfy Texas’s varying climate throughout the seasons.

Maybe you want to update your yard.

And maybe you want to plant things now to have a nice bloom in the spring.

Growing Need for Outdoor Living Spaces

We’re also considering the growing need for a relaxing and inviting outdoor space. People are wanting to spend more time outdoors. It adds to our sense of well-being.

So it’s crucial to explore ways we can make the most out of our outdoor living space throughout all seasons.

We want you to enjoy your yard now and in the future.

Our tips include both practical and inspirational ideas that serve the specific needs and optimal courses of action during the fall for residents of Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco and other locations of North Texas.

You can use our 5 fall landscaping ideas to:

  • Reduce the time needed to maintain your garden over time.
  • Make your yard effortlessly beautiful, elegant and timeless.
  • Increase the value of your home.

And keep in mind, there’s always a local Dallas landscaper ready to serve when you need a hand in making the most out of your home’s landscape design.

So let’s dive in. Here are our 5 Ideas for Low Maintenance Autumn Landscapes in Dallas:

1. Plan Ahead by Planting Wildflowers and Native Plants

In Dallas, the best time to spread wildflower seeds is in the autumn season. Planting the seeds between September and December will give them enough time to germinate and grow beautifully toward the start of Spring.

How to Plant Wildflower Seeds

It’s easy to spread the seeds by hand. When laying seeds, press the seeds into the soil. You can either scatter the seeds onto the soil, or you can even arrange them in rows in a seed bed. Make sure they are in areas where they can get plenty of sunlight and open air.

You can also place a few seeds in a decorative pot, or plant them in alternative containers.

When do Wildflowers Bloom?

Planting wildflower seeds in the fall will give you the earliest display of flowers. You can expect to see wildflowers blooming around mid-March.

Bluebonnets especially should be planted early in the fall so you can see them bloom between March and May.

bluebonnets, texas bluebonnets, spring

Annual wildflower blooms will flower in just 60-80 days. Under the right conditions, they should grow annually. Perennials will grow easily and spread with low maintenance.

2. Give Shape to your Fall Landscape with Tree Trimming

Trimming trees and pruning are essential to maintaining healthy trees and increasing your home’s curb appeal.

This is even more important during the fall and winter, when leaves may begin to fall, branches may begin to crack, and storms can cause breakage.

You can think of relaxed trimming as light landscape hygiene.

Relaxed Trimming

For fall 2022, we suggest a relaxed trim so as to give your home’s landscape design an effortless elegance, avoiding any over-manicuring and over-paying.

This relaxed approach to tree maintenance is cost-effective and gives you an effortlessly beautiful landscape.

Feng Shui of Trees in the Front Yard

In Feng Shui, there are two sides of a home’s landscape: the left side, known as the Dragon landform, and the right side, known as the White Tiger landform. It is considered energetically better for the left [Dragon] landform to be higher than the right [White Tiger] landform.

If you’re into the ancient art of energy flow in your home and landscape, consider having taller trees on the left side, or trimming the trees on the right side to create harmony for your home.

It is also generally considered bad luck to have branches directly over the roof of your house; they can fall and cause damage.

Therefore, it’s a good approach to make sure no branches are above the house or causing obstructions on the path toward the entrance. You accomplish this by trimming when necessary, ensuring a good flow of chi into your home.

3. Provide Foilage and Volume with Wintergreen Boxwood Varieties

Wintergreen’ is a winter-hardy plant with rich green leaves all year long.

Wintergreen boxwood is able to withstand Texas winter. For longevity, it is best to have these shrubs protected against cold winds. They are best suited to grow in partial shade.

Boxwood grows slowly, at an average of 6-inch per year.


Boxwood shrubs make a great choice for maintaining thick patches of green in your garden throughout the fall and winter. Wintergreen shrubs will also provide a vivid foundation for the Spring and the Summer.

To keep wintergreen boxwood shrubs in good shape, you can place them under trees, near house walls or columns. This will provide protection against the wind, and will provide partial shade.


As hedges, boxwood varieties can be beautiful decoratively and also provide privacy. You can ask your local landscaper if they are able to provide privacy shrubs.

There are many varieties of boxwood, and you can shape them to your liking. Make sure to contact your local landscaper to find which boxwood variety might be the best for your landscaping needs.

4. Add a Warm, Tropical Flare to your North Texas Landscaping with Windmill Palms

The Windmill palm is an ideal palm for Dallas and North Texas yards because it is strong and can withstand the unique weather challenges presented by Texas.

Being a tropical plant, it loves warmth, especially when it’s young. However, a mature windmill palm can also withstand temperatures as low as -°4 degrees Fahrenheit. It can even withstand bouts of snow.

In shaded areas, it will grow thinner and taller. In full sun areas, it will grow shorter and stouter.

They do need some good wind protection, so they should be grown and placed strategically. This plant can be grown indoors in a suitable container of your choice. This is a good fall/winter project. It adds some warm, tropical flare to your home all year.

Its growth rate is very slow. If you’re growing it in a container, it won’t need to be transferred outside into the soil for a long period of time. It requires only nutrient-rich soil, and watering 2-3 times per week. Additionally, plant disease is very uncommon with windmill palms, making them the perfect plant to keep long-term.

5. Play with Hardscaping to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space: Water Features, Fireplaces and Pergolas.

Hardscaping refers to the outdoor parts of your home such as an outdoor kitchen, a patio deck or the walkway. It can help lawns look beautiful while minimizing lawn maintenance costs.

Hardscaping will increase functional and aesthetic value in a backyard and increase curb appeal for your home.

Here is some Fall hardscaping inspiration to make your outdoor area more inviting, relaxing and livable:

Simple Water Fountain

Water features can be as grand or simple as you prefer. Either way, you’ll create a relaxing ambiance for spending time outside.

Pergola with Fireplace and Hanging Plants

This wood pergola is held up by Greek columns, which can be found easily for a cheap price in Texas yard and stone shops. It also features some hanging plants and flowers on the wooden planks, a tiled floor surrounded by soil, mulch, bushes, and a cozy fireplace.

Simple Pergola with Hanging Lights

In this image, we see a simpler, yet just as stunning wood pergola stone tile patio area surrounded by green grass turf. There are lights mounted on the roof, which are great for nighttime outdoor hosting.

Center Fireplace on Tile Deck

Another inspiring idea is a stone tile deck with a centered fireplace. Outdoor center fireplaces surrounded by chairs can be a great option for simple and meaningful social gatherings.

Combining It All Together

Landscaping in North Texas has many advantages. There is a consistent warmth, suitable for long-term greenery. There is also manageable cooling during the fall and winter.

Fall is a great time to enjoy changes in color, and also a great time to prepare for other seasons. You can enjoy the nice coolness in your outdoor patio with a fireplace, green shrubs, palms and other plants.

Perhaps a water fountain and windmill palms will maintain that relaxing and tropical quality in your garden that can keep you warm on the inside.

Additionally, you’ve prepared for a beautiful blooming in Spring and Summertime with the wildflower seeds you’ve planted in the garden, perhaps also in containers that you can hang artfully from the pergola.

Your boxwood shrubs are there for you all year.

You have no worries about a fall rain or winter storm knocking down any vulnerable branches from your tree and creating chaos in the chi flow of your home. You’ve trimmed your trees proactively and in accordance with the harmony of the Dragon and White Tiger landforms.


We hope these Low-Maintenence Autumn Landscaping Ideas for North Texas have inspired you. You can easily implement these into your own front and backyard. These 5 tips are meant to bring beauty to your garden, and make you feel good about where you live.

Texas can range from extreme heat to occasional snow storms, so we want to provide ideas that will be timeless, low maintenance, and suitable to the North Texas environment.

Call our team for help with any landscape design implementation and maintenance.

At High Quality Landscape Services, we provide top-tier landscaping and hardscaping service for the fall, including installation of evergreen trees and native plants, mulch, boxwoods, privacy and ornamental shrub installation, tree trimming and pruning, lawn maintenance, and hardscape design. We’ll ensure your plants thrive, so you’ll arrive happy at your home.

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