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Dallas Sprinkler Repair Guide

A human with a hose can’t water like a good sprinkler system. Watering an entire yard yourself won’t distribute water in the same uniform way as a properly-installed sprinkler system.

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Having Irrigation System Issues?

Sometimes, we encounter problems with our irrigation systems, whether it’s technical issues or user error. Some common problems include improper sprinkler system installation, improper sprinkler system programming, drainage problems, standing water, or a broken sprinkler head, clogged nozzles, valves not working or staying on too long, heads sticking up or down, drip irrigation problems, etc. It might be time for a professional sprinkler repair.

Advantages of having a well-functioning sprinkler system.

A good sprinkler system keeps your lawn in good shape. The best part of having a good sprinkler system? It does the job for you. The difference between a mediocre lawn and a great lawn might come down to making just a few tweaks to your existing system.

Professional sprinkler repair services can make a difference in your yard.

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Easy, professional solutions.

This is where professionals come in handy, providing the valuable information you can find in this article, and getting the job done with hands-on sprinkler repair services.

A landscaping company like High-Quality Landscape Services can provide an irrigation system check, guide you in the right direction, and handle all the repairs for you.

You can find sprinkler repair experts in your area who will do an excellent job with any repairs you might need. They will check your entire system, suggest solutions, and get the job done for a reasonable and fair price.

A great sprinkler repair service will save you worry, work and money with a reduced monthly water bill.

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Top 5 Sprinkler System Issues:

These are some of the most common problems we see that require sprinkler repair services:

  1. Sprinklers using too much water.
  2. Sprinkler system watering at unwanted times.
  3. Broken sprinkler heads or nozzles.
  4. Leaking sprinklers when the system is off.
  5. Faulty programming.

Let’s explore these issues in greater depth, and look at practical sprinkler repair troubleshooting scenarios:

1. Sprinklers using too much water:

This can be wasteful and costly. Not only does this wastefully drain your pockets, but it’s also a recipe for germinating fungus because it can leave your lawn drowning in water.

An irrigation system should help conserve water when it is properly designed and installed to meet the specific needs of your landscape. Proactively maintaining your irrigation system will reduce wasted water. Plants and lawns are healthier when they receive the proper volume of water.

Overwatering can result from malfunctioning equipment and broken water lines. To ensure that the sprinkler system is the culprit, consider the following:

Was the program in the irrigation controller set up correctly?

Did someone re-adjust the watering schedule? 

Is water collecting?

Do you see any signs of erosion or holes caused by a broken pipe?

Look for geysers when operating the irrigation system.

You may also consider contacting your local water utility to help you identify a leak.

If you are in or near Dallas and need a sprinkler repair, contact our team today. We will provide expert advice and take care of your sprinkler repair needs.

2. Sprinkler system watering at unwanted times.

There is a problem with the timer of your system. It may have been set to go off multiple times a day. Check the program and the system settings, to make sure only the right times are on. If this does not seem to be working, it may be time to contact a professional.

High-Quality Landscape Services can help you assess the problem and fix it. We are experts in irrigation and sprinkler system repairs. We can ensure your sprinkler system is programmed correctly and functioning properly.

3. Broken sprinkler heads or nozzles.

Broken spray heads, sprinkler heads, and faulty or missing nozzles can flood your lawn or garden. The solution for broken heads and nozzles is to replace the faulty equipment. Check which of these components might be causing the problem.

If you are unsure and need a professional assessment or sprinkler repair or parts replacement in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or neighboring cities in North Texas, our team will be fully prepared and equipped with new sprinkler heads and nozzles to replace or install in your sprinkler system.

4. Leaking sprinklers when the system is off.

Your sprinkler system is supposed to apply water evenly and on schedule. Wet spots, areas that are excessively wet, should be addressed immediately. The following could be causing wet spots on your lawn:

  • Broken pipes – Broken pipes can cause wet spots on your lawn. Irrigation systems have two types of lines; Main Lines and Lateral Lines. Pipe breaks can occur in either of these lines. An irrigation system check will help you determine which type of line is broken.

  • Leaky Main Line – This pipe supplies your sprinkler system with continuous water pressure. If the main line breaks or has a leak, the water will continue to flow whether your sprinkler system is on or off. The flow of water might start to erode the ground, creating a hole in the soil and wet spots on the lawn. Water should be turned off immediately if you notice a leak in the main line until you can get a sprinkler repair.

  • Leaky Lateral Lines – These pipes feed the individual zones of the sprinkler system. The sprinkler zones should only be under pressure when the sprinklers are on. Lateral lines only leak when a particular sprinkler zone is active, making it tricky to spot a leak in the lateral lines. If left unattended, this leak will eventually create a hole in the lawn. Contaminants could enter the line, clogging and damaging the sprinklers. Make sure you have an irrigation professional inspect and repair your lines. To limit damage to the landscape, turn off the zone with the leak until the repair is made.

  • Low-head drainage systems – Low-head drainage might cause problems when the water collects and makes a puddle in some area of the yard, or when water flows across the sidewalk or the driveway. This can be corrected by making adjustments to the drain check valves.

  • Leaking Zone Control Valves – The valves of your sprinkler system can be turned on and off like faucets. They can also leak. Something might be caught in the mechanism that operates the master valve, causing leakage. Leakage can also be a sign that it’s time for an old valve to be replaced and a new part to be installed. If water continues coming out of the heads after the sprinklers have been shut off, this may indicate a leaking valve. Only a licensed irrigation technician should service system control valves. For Sprinkler repairs of this nature in the Dallas area, contact High Quality Landscape Service.

5. Faulty programming

Is your sprinkler system programmed to water your lawn at the right times?

Many homeowners are unaware that the best time to water their lawns is in the morning, at the crack of dawn. It is also best to have the sprinkler system water the lawn in short bursts throughout the day, keeping the lawn hydrated, especially in places with hot and long summer heat.

Programming your sprinkler system to water in brief bursts throughout the day can also prevent the growth of lawn disease. In the morning, you can have your sprinkler system focus on watering the east-facing side of your home, moving toward the west-facing side in the afternoon. 

Programming an automatic sprinkler system will prevent you from having to constantly scramble and calculate when is the best time to water your lawn. If you are experiencing issues with the timing of your sprinkler systems, it’s best to nip the problem in the bud, rather than letting the damage accumulate over time and having to spend too much money on restoring the health of your lawn. 

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Proper sprinkler maintenance costs less than damage control. But sprinkler repair doesn’t have to be difficult, tedious, or expensive.

Is it time for a sprinkler repair?

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