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In this article, you’ll find new info on all you need to know about sod grass installation in North Texas.

We want to make your sod installation experience smooth and simple. We’ll provide rapid-fire, simple answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sod and sod installation in North Texas.

We’ll give a brief overview of sod, followed by 5 sections of all things sod in North Texas [including Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Highland Park, and neighboring cities.]

What is sod?

Sod, also known as turf or “insta-lawn”, is a patch of grass attached to the soil. It is used for lawns, golf courses, and even sports fields. Sod makes a yard look lush and green, it can be installed at any time of year in Dallas [North Texas], and it’s cost-effective.

The most common types of sod grass in Dallas and neighboring cities in North Texas are St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia. It is usually purchased by the pallet. A pallet of sod is enough to cover the area of two parking spots.

How does sod installation work?

Sod is purchased by the pallet, and installed by professional landscapers. If you were to do a sod installation with High Quality Landscape Services, we’d measure and assess how much and what type of sod would best suit your landscape. We’ll come fully stocked with the sod pallets, equipment, and experienced landscapers necessary to give your landscape an instant boost of aesthetic and real value.

Everything You Need to Know About Sod Installation in Dallas and North Texas

In the following sections, we’ll cover:

  1. The benefits of sod.
  2. The best time to install sod is in North Texas. 
  3. Determining the best type of sod for your property.
  4. How the process of professional sod installation works.
  5. How to care for your sod grass.


1. Benefits of Sod

Sod makes a landscape look lush and green instantly.

Installing sod grass is one of the best and fastest ways to increase the appeal and value of your property. It’s an already-grown, mature grass. It makes a landscape look impeccable. With the right type of grass, your yard can have a healthy green lawn.

Sod can be installed at any time of the year in North Texas.

Sod is easily adapted to harsh conditions, with natural pros and cons to every season.

Sod is cost-effective.

Sod prevents erosion. There is a tight bond between the grass and the soil that makes it better equipped to handle heavy rain than yards with seed-grown grass. Plus, since sod is already mature, it reduces the need for chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. It only requires routine and simple maintenance.

2. Best Time to Install Sod in North Texas

Dallas and neighboring cities in North Texas can have sod installed any time of the year. There are several factors to consider for each season:


Spring rain reduces the amount of watering maintenance, and a long flourishing season follows. Since winter is dormancy time for grass, the sod may not be completely vibrant green until further along in the Spring. 


Warm weather encourages quick growth, sod is vibrant, and patches start blending together. Sod will need to be watered more frequently.


Sod is high quality and well-blended. Less watering is required. Fall marks the end of the growing season. 


Some suppliers lower their sales rates during the winter. This is the dormant season for grass, which means the grass will be dormant when installed, and start to grow and become more green towards the Spring.

3. Best Types of Sod for North Texas

Bermuda Grass

  • Best For Intense Sunlight and Heavy Traffic

Bermuda is soft in texture. It is good for homes and sports fields. It has good resistance to harsh conditions like drought and regular traffic. Bermuda thrives in direct sunlight, providing great grass covers. It does not need much watering, and it grows quickly. It is not recommended for shaded areas as it will only grow a very thin layer of turf in these conditions. 

St. Augustine Grass

  • Most Weed-Resistant and Popular in Texas

St. Augustine grass is known for its emerald green color. It is the most popular grass in Texas. It grows best in heavy clay soils, and is tolerant in cool weather. It is thick and crowds out weeds. It is not recommended for areas with high foot traffic, as its wear resistance is lower than Bermuda’s.

Zoysia Grass

  • Most Shade Resistant and Water Efficient

Zoysia does very well both in sunlight and in shaded areas. It is commonly used in gold courses. It has a dark green color and does well in shaded areas. It is slow-growing, so it doesn’t need to be mowed very often. If fertilized during the fall, it maintains vibrant color in cool weather. It is very water-efficient. Zoysia can tolerate drought but would require more frequent watering in these conditions.

4. Sod Installation Process

Once you’ve called or submitted a service request, your landscaper will communicate with you promptly. 

Your landscaper will arrive at your property to make area measurements and assess your lawn needs.

 They’ll give you a quote based on the amount and type of sod grass that’s best suited to your home or commercial landscape area. 

If you wish to proceed with the installation process, your work is done! The order will be placed, and the service fulfilled by professional landscapers.

But for those curious about the technical process of sod installation… you may be asking yourself; “How exactly do they install sod? What does the actual work entail? How is my landscaper doing this for me?”

This is how we do it at High Quality Landscape Services: 

  1. We remove existing debris, weeds or grasses
  2. We check and flag the sprinkler system
  3. We grade and level the ground area
  4. We apply any material or granulations necessary before laying the sod
  5. We lay the sod with precision and care to avoid harsh lines
  6. We make any cuts or adjustments necessary to cover the area seamlessly
  7. We make any necessary sprinkler system adjustments
  8. Finally, we use a lawn roller over the area to compress the sod to the soil, remove all air pockets, and make small trims and cuts for the final touch.

Lawn Sprinklers

Additionally, If you do not have a sprinkler system and are interested in one, we are sprinkler irrigation system specialists and can install it for you. This will ensure your fresh new lawn will stay adequately hydrated and healthy.

5. How to Care for your Sod

The specifics of aftercare will vary slightly, depending on what type of grass you have installed. Your landscaper should provide guidance on the specifics of aftercare.

 If you just don’t have the time to water and maintain the lawn, or prefer to have an expert do it for you, there’s always the option of hiring a local landscape professional for lawn maintenance. 

Since maintenance requirements will vary by sod type, landscape style, and irrigation design, we can only provide general suggestions in this section. However, our team has the experience, knowledge and preparation to provide guidance and service based on your specific lawn care needs.

 We highly encourage you to ask your landscaper how to maintain your lawn, or consider done-for-you lawn care.

We’ll look at three aspects for good aftercare once your sod lawn is in place; watering, fertilizing and mowing. And also provide the information you need to contact us for done-for-you sod grass maintenance:


Watering is essential to the success of your new installation. Below are some tips to ensure the sod roots will be saturated and stimulated.

  • It’s best to water sod when the sun is still out, rather than in the evening, to prevent the growth of fungus. 
  • Each section of sod should be watered for 30 minutes every day for two weeks.
  • To avoid overwatering, you can water the sod for 10 minutes 3 times per day. 
  • After two weeks from installation, especially during hot summer days, you can water the sod for 30 minutes twice a day.
  • [The above time guides are merely suggestions–Overall, sod should be watered to the degree that you see a thin layer of water on top of the sod.]
  • Gradually, you may start watering once a day for 15 minutes, and eventually, you may even skip a day of watering if your grass is staying green and healthy.
  • Avoid stepping on sod when it’s wet.


  • Lawn can be fertilized 2-4 weeks after installation, with a starter fertilizer.


  • Grass can be mowed 3-4 weeks after installation. 
  • Do not mow more than ⅓ of the grass blade length.

Done-For-You Sod Grass Maintenance

Good maintenance is the key to keeping the lawn vibrant and in good shape. Once you’ve sodded your yard, High Quality Landscape Services can provide exceptional lawn maintenance services. Contact us to kickstart the health and vibrancy of your new sod. 

Lush Green Lawn Made Easy

If you’re a homeowner, homeowners association, landscape artist or general contractor looking for a local sod service, our team is ready to meet all your landscape needs.

When you hire the High Quality Landscape Services team for your sod grass installation, we’ll bring all equipment and expertise necessary to get the job done. Once you’ve hired us, there’s nothing more you need to worry about. We’ll communicate with you quickly and effectively leading up to and on the day of installation, as well as after, to answer any aftercare questions you may have.

What’s included when you purchase sod from High Quality Landscape?

  • Property Walk-Through and Project Planning
  • Pickup and Delivery of Sod Grass
  • Preparation and Removal of Weeds and Olds or Dead Grass
  • Ground Leveling
  • Sprinkler Adjustments
  • Sod Turf Installation
  • Clean Up
  • In-person consultation on sod care and maintenance to keep your new lawn vibrant and alive for years to come.

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