Artificial Turf: Pet Turf, Playgrounds, Costs and Maintenance

In this article, we’ll cover:

• Artificial grass installation cost
• Factors that affect cost
• Breakdown of material and labor costs
• Fourteen FAQs about pet turf maintenance, kid and playground turf, turf quality and investment value.

Cost of Artificial Turf vs. Sod

Artificial lawns are more cost-effective in their design than natural ones. While sod may seem cheaper upfront, [approximately $0.75 to $0.89 per square foot on average], artificial turf might be a better economic option for your needs, especially when considering things like pets, foot traffic, and maintenance costs over time.

Although sod is cheaper initially than artificial grass, its maintenance costs are constant year after year. Synthetic turf can help you reduce costs over time thanks to low-cost maintenance.

Its synthetic textured surfaces are less prone to damage and are more durable. There is no need for watering or fertilization. Compared to sod, artificial grass provides green lawns throughout all seasons.

How much does artificial grass cost?

The cost of putting artificial turf in a garden varies by square footage and material type. Home buyers should expect to spend between $6 – $15 per sq ft. This average reflects material costs as well as labor costs.

General artificial grass installation in DFW costs an average of $12.33 per sq. ft. The total cost can vary based on the turf manufacturer and size of your lawn. This estimate includes installation and materials.

Homeowners typically spend between $3104 and $7245 on labor and materials to install artificial lawns in their 500-square-foot yard. Material includes synthetic turf, fill, edging, abrasives & barrier weed.

For your investment, you can expect your landscaping installation company to provide everything done for you from start to finish, including labor and other materials like decomposed granite base, cushion sand, infill sand, nails, staples, and edging along with delivery and disposal.

Other factors that affect the cost of artificial grass

Your artificial turf material and specialized needs will affect your overall project cost. Some factors affecting artificial grass costs are:

Area shape

Artificial turf is perfectly suitable both for areas with straight lines and curved faces. Installation in an irregular shape generally takes longer to install. Ideally, your professional must work around your shape and landscape to ensure proper placement. Occasionally the pros have to cut or re-shape the grass, which increases labor costs.


Choosing artificial grass can be confusing. Pricing varies for artificial grasses based on various factors. Brands offering premium turf have comparatively higher prices than brands that provide lower-grade turf. In the case of pets, you can expect pet-friendly artificial turf to cost an additional $3-$5 per sq ft as compared to the price of regular artificial grass.


Despite its minimal maintenance requirements, synthetic lawns still require some maintenance. When dogs use synthetic turf, the turf should be washed and deodorized occasionally to prevent odors from coming into the home or becoming too overpowering.

It is possible to get dirt and mud out with a power washer. There are also special brushes, brooms, and rakes to help remove debris. For optimum grass appearance, the artificial surface needs to be cleaned by brushing, scrubbing, or raking.

Materials for Installing Artificial Grass

Various materials are used to produce synthetic turf. These things are important for preparing a project:

Fake grass

Many different types of grasses can be purchased including pet turf, greens for play, athletic grass, landscape grass or putting green.

golf, putting, hole

Landscaping grasses can be made with thick or thin blades, blades with brown thatches or green thatches, and other characteristics.

We offer the best pricing for high-quality synthetic grass. We suggest buying a synthetic product that offers optimum turf qualities and the greatest return on investment. There’s a noticeable difference between high-end versus low-end turf.

Artificial grass filling

Infills can be of various kinds. There are rubbers or flex sands, silicas and acrylic sands. Fillings improve the ability of the lining to resist odor and environmental damage.

High-quality Landscape Services uses high-quality filling so that no re-application of infill is needed; this helps save you money.

Bender Board or Mow Strip

Bender boards serve to isolate synthetic grass from other softscape areas. In simpler terms, the bender board is important because it separates your turf from other areas.

Brown poly boards cost approximately $15.80 for each roll. We find that it will last for a long time and will save you money.

Class II Road Base

Class 2 road bases are materials made of crushed rock of various dimensions. It has the ability for the surface of existing artificial grass to remain solid. Pricing for Class II Roadbases varies. We use a low-cost option that costs approximately $0.32/sq ft.

Glue, nails, sealing tape and stakes

Depending upon many factors like the number of seams, radius, etc., the overall cost for these products varies. A 1,000-square-foot project is estimated to have a minimal supply cost of approximately $190.

Other Items

Other items include turf urine removers, drainage membranes, lawn padding, etc. depending on your specific yard needs.


How long will artificial grass last?

If you are using the grass regularly for a minimum of 20 years, the investment will almost certainly pay itself off in half of its lifetime. However, like with most landscaping, the longer your artificial grass can last.

Is it worth it to install artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be an intelligent investment and will make a good investment every time. In the longer term, synthetic grass is less costly to install and maintain. It can withstand the wear and tear caused by pets and children and is beautiful and durable.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes, the dog can get into the grass like they do in natural grass.

Is there pet-safe turf?

Durafill, formerly Envirofill – is a great choice for pet owners. Artificial turf filling is incredibly safe to use.

How does pet turf drain?

A water hose carries cleaner water to the sloping surface of the ground beneath the grass. This solution is dissolvable, rinsed, and directs urine in a clogging system. This means it allows for water to be removed from the surface regularly without wetting the artificial turf surface.

Is artificial turf a good idea for dogs?

Yes, artificial grass is a great option for dogs. Fake grass for animals is more durable than traditional grasses and will more easily withstand any damage caused by dogs’ claws, paws or nails.

How long does fake grass for dogs last?

We’ve discovered that synthetic grass for dogs will probably last 10 or 15 years.

How do you get rid of dog urine smell on artificial grass?

Apply 1 part water and 1 part vinegar onto affected areas and spray. Rinse any affected area using the hose.

What is the difference between pet turf and regular turf?

There is an obvious distinction between synthetic grass and animal-friendly artificial grass. In addition to the protection of pet turf, pet turf also provides antiseptic properties, as well as protection. Pet turf can help reduce the smell and improve drainage when compared with non-animal synthetic turf.

How can you tell if artificial grass is good quality?

When it comes to the appearance of artificial grass, it should have a realistic look. A soft texture that feels great on the skin is also a good indicator (and especially important for children.) It should also facilitate effective drainage.

Can you put a playground on artificial turf?

You may use synthetic grass on playgrounds or other accessible places with ADA requirements.

Which grass is best for a playground?

Polyethylene grasses behave like real grasses and can provide an ideal play surface.

Is artificial turf safe for kids?

Yes, as long as you choose a turf infill with a low-impact material. Synthetic lawn is also ideal for preventing allergic reactions because it does not contain or emit pollutants.

Does artificial turf add value to a home?

In most cases, artificial turf does add value to the property. A home appraiser will tell you that a well-landscaped and cared-for yard can increase home value by somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. Artificial turf makes it look like you spend hours caring for your lawn.

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