Stonework & Hardscaping

Custom stonework and hardscaping is more than just bricks, stones and mortar. It takes skilled craftsmen that have developed their expertise through years of experience to develop hardscapes that are warm, inviting and attractive.


Our hardscape and stonework programs

High Quality Landscape Services has decades of experience in designing and installing custom stonework and hardscapes.

Retaining walls

Define landscapes with retaining walls, balancing beauty and function. Expert design and installation. Contact us.

Patios and decks

Transform outdoors with our patios and decks. Create stylish, relaxing, and versatile entertainment spaces. Expert designs for your vision.

Walkways and driveways

Walkways and driveways unify landscapes with elegance and practicality. Expert designs for seamless integration.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens combine culinary delight with nature’s beauty. Expert designs create functional elegance.


Outdoor fireplaces elevate ambiance. Expert designs blend warmth, style, and captivating focal points for your space.


Elevate outdoors with pergolas. Expert designs add elegance and shade, transforming spaces with timeless charm and shelter.

Stamped concrete

Enhance landscapes with stamped concrete. Expert designs create textured, stylish, and durable surfaces, adding versatility and charm.

Water features

Water features infuse landscapes with soothing sounds and visual allure. Expert designs bring nature’s serenity.

Bed walls

Bed walls add structure and visual appeal to landscapes. Expert designs create seamless integration.


Boulders enhance landscapes with their unique character. Expert placement adds visual interest and natural charm.


work with a professional landscape designer and contractor

If you are looking to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space, contact us to discuss your landscape design and construction needs.
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What we can do

We are proud to service residential, government and commercial locations in DFW.

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Patio and Decks

Your outdoor oasis, where you can relax and unwind with friends and family. Choose from a variety of materials and styles to create the perfect space for you.


Walkways and Driveways

The first impression your guests will have of your home, so make it a good one! Choose from a variety of materials and designs to create a walkway or driveway that is both functional and stylish.


Retaining Walls

The unsung heroes of your landscape, retaining walls keep your property safe and secure. They can also add a touch of beauty and sophistication to your yard.


Outdoor Kitchens

The ultimate in outdoor entertaining, an outdoor kitchen lets you cook, grill, and eat al fresco. Choose from a variety of materials and features to create the perfect kitchen for your needs.

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Discover a world of possibilities with our diverse array of services designed to enhance your space.

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