Founded on a Vision: The High Quality Landscape Services Journey

In the dynamic landscape of Dallas, a young visionary named Michael L. Trantham embarked on a journey that would redefine landscaping. With just a summer job at a convenience store and an eye for opportunity, Mike’s path to building High Quality Landscape Services began. Let’s rewind to the spring of 1972.



The Seedling of High Quality Landscape Services

In the spring of 1972, at 17 years old, Michael L. Trantham worked as a manager at a U-Totem convenience store in Dallas, TX. Earning $1.65 per hour, he lived with his parents. One day, a customer named John caught his attention with a wallet full of cash. John revealed he earned it by mowing yards, sparking an idea for Mike. Growing up, Mike mowed neighbors’ lawns for extra money, and now he saw it as a business opportunity.



Cultivating Excellence

After high school in 1973, he passed out 10,000 circulars to expand, hiring participants from the Palmer Drug Abuse Program to help serve customers while aiding recovery. In 1974, he hired a family of brothers and valued their contributions. In 1975, he managed 125 yards and 3 apartment complexes while attending North Texas University.



Expanding Horizons

In 1976, Mike learned to work on sprinkler systems and expanded services to include insect spraying, lawn fertilizing, and tree care. He explored renting land for his growing business, eventually finding a church property. High Quality Landscape Services was established, and Mike sold trees, trimmed them, and learned valuable lessons in customer service.



Evolution of Excellence

In 1983, he hired Erasto Colmenero, a dedicated worker still with the company. With the donation of the church property, Mike moved operations, rented spaces, and eventually purchased properties to support growth. In the ’90s, the iconic Pink Flamingo logo was adopted, symbolizing tropical landscapes and Mike’s signature tropical shirts.



Legacy Transition

Mike married Nancy, who joined the team in 1993, managing the office as the business continued to thrive. Renee DuPont joined in 1998, helping manage the growing office. In 2002, they moved into a new office and warehouse building. In 2017, after 45 years of dedicated service, Mike and Nancy decided to retire, entrusting the legacy to the current management.



Continuing Excellence

Today, High Quality Landscape Services remains committed to the original motto of “Integrity, Knowledge, and Hard Work,” proudly continuing Mike’s legacy established in 1973.
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