Flower Selection for Fall Color

What better way to enhance your landscape and brighten your neighborhood than with an attractive , dramatic pop of color this fall.  Adding fall color to your flowerbeds or containers will create a special place for you to enjoy the cooler weather with some fresh, colorful blooms and make spending time outdoors more enjoyable. As your summer blooms succumb to the Texas sun, here are some suggestions for fall color in your Dallas landscape.

Fall planting usually starts mid-October but may be a bit earlier or later depending upon our weather. It not too early to call to schedule your plantings, as we get very busy with plantings in October.


Pansies come in a variety of beautiful colors. Yellow, red, blue, purple, white and orange, and they can have a clear face or blotches (secondary color). Pansies are also a hearty flower that can survive a light frost and bounce right back, making it the ideal choice for fall color.


Ornamental kale is also a great choice to pair with other fall flowers or to plant alone in color groups. There are several varieties that are white/green or red/purple Peacock kale, Nagoya kale or Redbor kale. Ornamental kale is lovely to look at they are frost tolerant and will continue to provide color throughout the season.


Dianthus are also a great selection to add fall color to your landscape.  They may come in whites, pinks or reds and can grow up to 10” high. Related to the carnation, they can take full morning sun but prefer the afternoon shade.

Container Planting

Container planting is also a great way to combine textures and colors for immediate gratification of these beautiful fall plants.  We can help you choose planters that will fit with your landscape design and enhance your entryway or give you a fabulous, lush container on your patio or poolside.

If you are ready for to add fall color to your landscape, call us to receive a free quote on fall color planting and experience the High Quality Advantage.

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