Advantages and Risks of Consolidating Pool and Lawn Services

Pool and Lawn Maintenance Services will often overlap:

Fall leaf cleanup, pool cleanup after mowing and trimming, hardscaping, stonework, lighting, and more. 

Workers trained in either pool or landscaping will have skills and knowledge that cross over to the other. 

That’s why, as a residential property owner or commercial property manager, it’s worth considering the possibility of consolidating these two services. 

Let’s go over the many advantages and some of the risks of consolidating pool and lawn services into one truck, one point of contact, and one family-operated umbrella company that specializes in both pool and lawn care.


1. Cost Savings – Consolidating pool and landscaping services to one company can help property owners save money since they will only have to pay one company instead of multiple ones. 

2. Convenience – Consolidating pool and landscaping services can help property owners save time since they will only have to coordinate with one company instead of multiple ones. 

3. Quality Control – Working with one company for pool and lawn can ensure that all services are done to the same standards since the property owners will be working with the same company for all services. 


1. Dependence – Consolidating pool and landscaping services to one company can leave the property owners reliant on that one company for all services, leaving them vulnerable if the company fails to deliver on time due to logistical conflicts.

To reduce this risk, the property owner should research the company carefully before engaging them, to ensure that they can deliver on their promises, and that they have a good track record of providing services on time.

2. Weather Variability – Heavy rain can deter some lawn maintenance services, but not necessarily pool maintenance. This means that weather conditions may temporarily offset the simultaneous maintenance schedule for pool and landscape.

To manage this risk, the property owner can look into services that offer flexible scheduling in case of inclement weather, and work with a company that has a reputation of prioritizing customer needs and good problem-solving procedures.

3. Worker Variability – Consolidating pool and landscaping services to one company that does both pool and lawn can mean that you might have different workers on your property on different occasions who might not be familiar with some of the specific maintenance requirements of the property.

Property owners can mitigate this risk by providing detailed instructions to the company to ensure that the manager will train all workers on the property on all of the specific task requirements and communicate exact expectations. Finally, the property owner can monitor the workers’ performances and provide feedback if the expected level of service is not being met.

Cost Savings, Convenience, and Quality Control

In conclusion, consolidating pool and landscaping services can provide the property owner with cost savings, convenience, and quality control. However, there are risks associated with this approach, such as dependence on the company, weather variability, and worker variability. Proper research and communication before engaging a company, as well as flexible scheduling and detailed instructions, can help to reduce these risks.

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